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Villa Rusula is located in Kaštel Novi, City of Kaštela, in Split-Dalmatian County, within 20 minutes walk to the local beach/few minutes drive. Ideal location for those who want to experience a local life and spend their vacation within walking distance to the local beach and a city center. Local bars and restaurants are also located within a walking distance. Perfect location for a city break and those that like active holidays: easy access to a highway and nearby ancient cities of Trogir (8,5 km) and Split (9,5 km), exploring the nearby islands (Šolta, Brač, Hvar, etc.) and national parks (Krka and Kornati). Split airport is 4 km away and the access to the Dalmatina A1 highway is at  a 20 minutes’ drive.

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City of Kaštela developed around 7 castles, and  one in Kaštel Novi was built by Pavao Antun Ćipiko, a nobleman from Trogir, back in 1512.  A settlement developed around the castle. It was encircled by a defensive wall on its eastern, northern and western side and by the sea on the south.  The parish church of St. Petar od Klobučca was built on foundations of a church from the 13th century. It keeps a rich treasury of silver and church robes.



Kaštela beaches; seven Kaštela and 20 beaches, from west to east:
– Kaštel Štafilić: Divulje, Stari Resnik , Resnik, Bile, Gabine
– Kaštel Novi: Porat
– Kaštel Stari: Đardin, Štalija, Palace
– K.Lukšić: Rušinac, Šoulavy, Poštanski
– Kaštel Kambelovac: Baletna škola, Mala punta, Bilajka, Torac
– Kaštel Gomilica: Torac , Kamp
– Kaštel Sućurac: Sokolana, Gojača